Barcelona, Real Madrid And Man Utd Rule As Soccer Dominates Sports Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Forbes have unveiled their annual look at the world’s 50 most valuable sports teams, a list which is dominated by football – both in the European and U.S. varieties.

Indeed, in news that might be surprising for U.S. sports fans, it’s soccer teams that make up the top three sports franchises, with Real Madrid ($3.3 billion value), Manchester United ($3.165 billion) and Barcelona ($2.6 billion) leading the way. The New York Yankees ($2.3 billion) and the Dallas Cowboys ($2.1 billion) round out the top five.

But where do they stand in social media?

Well, in terms of total followers across their Facebook and Twitter profiles, it’s almost the same. Barcelona (60.6 million total fans), Real Madrid (49.9 million) and Man Utd (34.5 million) take the podium spots ahead of Chelsea (20.2 million) and the Los Angeles Lakers (19.6 million).

Overall, soccer, with its much larger global following, dominated the list, with its 207 million total fans almost four times that of the NFL and ten times that of baseball.

(Source: Forbes. Sports image via Shutterstock.)

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