Spongecell Integrates Facebook Fan Box Widget Into Ads

While simple display advertisements may not be the best form of ads, more interactive versions have emerged over the years that attempt to provide a more engaging experience for the consumer. Spongecell is the latest company to try to increase the level of engagement by providing display ads which include the ability to become a fan of the advertiser’s Facebook Page.

The result is that brand advertisers can obtain a residual benefit from running these new forms of advertisements. Over the past month I’ve been discussing the best strategies for building out a company’s Facebook Page and why it’s so important to do so. Now, those brands that have built an effective Facebook Page presence, can leverage ads like the ones being provide by Spongecell, to promote their Facebook Page around the web.

According to Spongecell, initial performance has been pretty high. “Consumers are becoming fans of advertisers at almost the same rate as they are click through to a landing page (.5 to .8 fan/click ratios).” In other words, more than 50 percent of clicks are resulting in new fans. This is a huge opportunity for advertisers as fans are less likely to be lost at the landing page. Instead, advertisers are presented with the opportunity to remarket to their users.

Ultimately, configuring a Facebook Page can be extremely cheap (even free) and it presents a much greater opportunity in that you can continue to send updates and post status messages to the feed. The net effect is that the advertiser’s ROI is increased through integrated traditional banner campaigns with “become a fan on Facebook” calls to action. To check out the new Spongecell ads, you can view the following demo pages: Olive Garden, Jiffy Lube, and General Mills.

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