SpongeBob SquarePants Goes High-Tech With A Twitter Tale This Week

I’m not sure how he’s getting reception at the bottom of the sea, but Nickelodeon favorite SpongeBob SquarePants will be going on a special Twitter adventure this week. He’ll be tweeting an original storyline to his nearly 200,000 followers, starting today and running until Friday.

You’ve heard of movies made-for-TV, but ever heard of a TV show made-for-Twitter?

That’s the angle that Nickelodeon is taking today, as it launches the first-ever SpongeBob SquarePants Twitter story.

As Mobiledia reports, the SpongeBob Twitter account (@SpongeBob) will tweet a story called “The Ice Race Cometh: A Twitter-Tale” from July 12th to 15th. The story will be about the preparations for a sleigh race, and will be told in an interactive exchange of tweets between SpongeBob and other Bikini Bottom dwellers who have their own Twitter accounts.

The tweets will build up to an episode called “Frozen Face Off” which airs July 15th.

The decision to tweet part of a SpongeBob storyline came after discussions about the 1/3 of SpongeBob’s audience who are adults, and who largely make up those 200,000 accounts following him on Twitter.

This is a creative way to bring Twitter to TV land, but it’s not the first. The TV show ‘Covert Affairs’ ran a Twitter-based side plot to compliment the on-air broadcasts just this month, and TV events like the royal wedding have relied heavily on Twitter tie-ins like hashtags.

It makes sense that so many TV execs are jumping to incorporate Twitter lately: 43 percent of Twitter users tweet while watching TV, and an even greater number tweets before and after. There is a special relationship between Twitter and TV, and Nickelodeon is the latest brand to embrace it.