Spin the Agencies of Record


This edition of Spin the Agencies of Record includes a hotel in Detroit, lighting fixtures for stinky places, Reader’s Digest, a restaurant in Jersey, and a whole slew of clients for Racepoint:

Racepoint racks up seven new clients in healthcare, tech, and social media

In plenty of time for the next PRSA conference, Brendy Barr picks up the Detroit Marriot as a client

Resound Marketing to cook up some local publicity for the Salt Creek Grille in Princeton, N.J.

Dan Klores Communications to freshen up the largest and one of the oldest media properties in the business, Reader’s Digest

Transmedia Group to “shed some media light” (their pun, not mine) on Mobern Lighting. Mobern makes scented lighting fixtures. According to the site, the series is designed for such fragrant spaces such as hotels, dorms, locker rooms, and daycare facilities. Ok, that might be a good idea.