Spider-Man, Iron Man And More About To Hit iPhone and Facebook in New Collectible Game

wolverinelogo[1] IGN Wireless recently reached out to games company Smith & Tinker to discover that the company just signed a deal with Marvel, and will be releasing a collectible Marvel game for Facebook and iPhone. The Facebook game is a collectible game where you play a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent responsible for defending your city from villains. The iPhone game will use a similar battle engine and allow you to engage in battles and unlock characters for the Facebook version.

The timing couldn’t be better, as a whole slew of X-Men and Marvel related films are around the corner, and IGN’s interview revealed that Tinker & Smith wants to get the game released ahead of that date. The game seems to have nothing to do with Playdom at this point, but Disney did recently announce that Playdom would be creating a game using the Marvel licenses, which leaves me a bit confused. I wouldn’t be surprised if the left hand isn’t talking to the right hand and this project ends up in jeopardy (I’ve seen this thing happen with many social games during my time in industry).

In any case, the gameplay sounds interesting, and similar to the many collectible card game style games like NanoStar on Facebook – none of which have exploded yet. The recognizable IP may help the game gain a following though, so this may be the breakthrough that leads to what I predict will be an era of collectible card games on Facebook. Remember years back, when Magic: The Gathering hit the mainstream, and RPG players around the world were buying packs and playing during their lunch breaks? I think this format would work perfectly on Facebook.

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