Spending Your Money on Jean Prouve


If you find that you’ve got $4 to $6 million to throw around today, and today only, we’ve got a hot tip for you. By way of Things Magazine, we learned that today is auction day for Jean Prouve‘s 1950 building, the Prototype for a Maison Tropicale. After being available for tours for the past month in Long Island City, the building is going up for sale through Christies and is expected to fetch the aforementioned pricey rates. But we know you don’t like to fork out that kind of cash before you have a little more information, so to help you out, here’s also a piece from The Guardian last week all about Prouve and this specific house. Just remember, when you have your housewarming party, that we were the ones who helped guide you in the right direction. Just saying is all.