Spend Your Muthaf*ckin’ Friday With George Lois


If you haven’t had enough of his Ali Rap, or maybe if you have, you simply can’t miss George Lois‘ grumbling baritone in this podcast from the SVA MFA Designer As Author program.

It’s gotta be good when he opens with this statement:

“What can I give you in a couple hours that can change your life?”

Then inserts these choice statements about how he reacts to good work:

“This is almost, uh, how’d you get away with–that’s terrific.”
“Holy shit, wait ’til the mutha fuckers see this.”

And gives his best piece of advice:

“If anyone in here can’t draw, goddammit learn how to draw.”

We apologize for the profanity. It’s Lois.

It’s a three part-er (and he probably kept talking long after that). But hey, it’s a long weekend. And you’ve got all the time in the world.