Special “Reliable Sources” This Weekend

From CNN:

    CNN’s Reliable Sources will air a special edition titled, “After Imus: The Media Fallout,” this Sunday, April 15, in which host Howard Kurtz and guests turn a critical lens on radio host Don Imus’ controversial remarks and the subsequent media firestorm.

    For the special edition, guests will include Ana Marie Cox, Washington editor for TIME.com; Callie Crossley, media commentator on WGBH; and Clarence Page, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. The panel will discuss what led up to Imus’s firing and what to expect next in the media. Tony Kornheiser, ESPN commentator, columnist for The Washington Post and frequent Imus guest, questions whether Imus has been treated fairly. Stephanie Miller, a nationally syndicated talk show host, and Roland Martin, a nationally syndicated columnist and CNN contributor, will discuss new parameters for shock talk on the radio.