Special Black Friday Edition: Best Books and Painful Packaging


Welcome back to the internet. We hoped you’ve regained your vision after gorging yourself up to your eyeballs in food yesterday. We are finding it difficult to type, finding ourselves running out of breath just from hitting these few keys to write these sentences. But here we are, back on the job for you. And since it’s Black Friday today, we thought we’d make this post about buying stuff. First up, A Daily Dose of Architecture is back at it again with one of our favorite things of the season: their Holiday Gift Books guide. It’s one book selection from 50 separate publishers and if you haven’t completely maxed out all your credit cards by the end and forgotten to buy gifts for anyone else but yourself, then we don’t know who you are anymore. We think you’ll also find it’s a great resource to send to those family members who never know what to get you, thus sparing them them search and you another incorrectly-sized bit of wardrobe. And speaking of ill-sized, we turn to number two in this special consumer-focused post. Millions of dollars and man hours were presumably spent designing Motorola‘s attempted-iPhone-killer Droid phone, but the one thing the gadget’s box “don’t do” is actually hold the product well. Consumerist reports that the packaging design is atrocious, leading the phone to fall to the ground and possibly being damaged as soon as its unpacked. And it’s reportedly happened to lots of people. So while it may seem like such a minor thing, packaging isn’t something to take lightly.