Speaktoit Assistant for Android Provides Siri-like Speech Recognition and AI

If you are and Android user with a bit of iPhone 4S Siri-envy, you may want to take a look at this free app that brings some Siri-like speech recognition and artificial intelligence to the platform.

Speaktoit Assistant (Android Market)

I installed the app on a Nexus One running Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread). Its performance was fine on what is now considered a somewhat aged piece of hardware. Once installed, Speaktoit Assistant can be assigned as the default app to run via a long press on the search button. I was able to ask it (by speaking) about temperatures in various locales, update my Facebook status, create an appointment in the Calendar and launch the web browser. Oddly, the one app I could not launch via speech was Gmail. Speaktoit Assistant insisted that Gmail was not installed on my phone and offered to download it from the Android Market. Another oddity is that the app has the generic name “Assistant” in the apps list instead of the more unique and memorable “Speaktoit.” However, its widget is named “Speaktoit Widget.”

I gave the app a bit of a noise test by testing about two feet away from a running Vornado fan. The app did not have many problems with my spoken requests during these tests.