SPB Software 3D Auto-Stereoscopic User Interface for Android: How Do They Do This? Read On…

People who follow this blog may recall that my current passion is 3D photography (something I’ve been interested in for many years). You can find the 3D photos I’ve been sharing in the anaglyph format (red/cyan glasses required to see 3D) on my personal blog. Long time Windows Mobile developer Spb (which now develops apps for many mobile platforms) announced a glass-less 3D user interface for Android.

SPB Software Collaborates with Spatial View Inc. to Demonstrate an Auto-Stereoscopic 3D User Interface for Mobile Devices

So, how are they doing this? Their press release notes a partnership with Spatial View which specializes in 3D content delivery. Spatial View’s 3DeeCentral app for the iPhone 3GS (and only the 3GS) provides a clue. Registering with Spatial View entitles you, for a limited time, to get a free 3DeeSlide accessory for the iPhone 3GS. This is an add-on is a lenticular lens that fits over the 3GS’s display. The result should be something like the lenticular display on Fujifilm W3 which provides a credible glasses-less 3D viewing experience.