Spanfeller Media Group's New Food Site Goes Live

'All the food that's fit to Tweet?' Good one!

After a slight delay Spanfeller Media Group’s new food site, The Daily Meal, is open for business on and @dailymealtweets. On the menu are tips on what to eat, drink and cook, how to entertain and where to travel, as well as a community board for food enthusiasts to share recipes and tips.

Said President and CEO Jim Spanfeller:

From the rise of celebrity chefs to the proliferation of specialty food stores, food has become more than just a nourishing staple in our lives. Food culture is now a way of life, and The Daily Meal has been designed to connect foodies to the news, advice and content they crave.

Speaking of design, the images look a little skewed and the same videos play automatically on every page, but there’s no shortage of interesting content. In a Q&A with Hamburger America’s George Motz staffer Arthur Bovino revealed that the burger expert ate at McDonald’s as a kid and also pulled out some words to live by:

What are your thoughts on beef blends and alternative meats (e.g. lamb or pork)?

When you mix ground meats for burgers you end up with meatballs, or worse, meatloaf. All meats have different cooking temperatures and times so when you mix them inevitably something will turn out over or undercooked. The integrity of the hamburger should not be messed with and should only include ground beef.

The Daily Meal is the first in a series of sites created by Spanfeller Media Group, which was founded by Jim Spanfeller and Mike Perlis, and funded by SoftBank Capital NY, Greenhill SAVP, RRE Ventures and Lerer Media Ventures, as well as some angel investors.