Spain’s Froggie Courts Push Video Ads

Froggie, a mobile content provider based in Spain, has launched what it calls a push video calling service, but to us sounds more like a video spam service. According to a Mobile Entertainment article, the Froggie offering can be set to place a video call and, when the recipient answers, automatically start streaming a video clip.

If the call recipient is interested in whatever the video is marketing, he can work his way through an IVR menu to interact with the advertisement. For instance, maybe push “one” to see a lengthier video, push “two” to request a text message with info on where he can buy the product, press “three” to participate in a survey regarding the product and so on.

Mobile Entertainment says that the service only works on 3G phones, so if any of the numbers the advertiser uploads into the system aren’t connected to a 3G network, those calls won’t go through and the advertiser isn’t charged for them.

According to the article, the service is now widely available and costs about 35 cents for a 20-second video ad.