SoundCloud & Tumblr — Post More Than One Song At A Time

Tumblr has traditionally had a problem with MP3 embeds: you could only do one at a time.  Thanks to a new partnership with SoundCloud, that’s changed.

Of late, more well-known musicians like Britney Spears, John Legend and Beastie Boys have joined Tumblr. Not to mention other less-well known musicians who are talented as well are using Tumblr. The artists can easily create their own dedicated website from scratch. The social media fascination of Tumblr generates exposure through a simple click of a “Reblog” button.

Until now, uploading music on Tumblr had a downside. Each blogger was only allowed to post one MP3 file a day. Enter SoundCloud, a platform that enables individuals who sign up to have endless uploads of any audio file they own, be it songs, podcasts, or recordings of anything.

This means Tumblr users can now upload their SoundCloud files onto their blog using a link entered under the option of “External source.” Viewers simply click the file they want to hear. The file plays on the Tumblr site. Prior to SoundClound and Tumblr partnering up, users where limited and could embed such sound tracks as “Video” posts, which made things a little confusing.

Another cool bit of information about the partnership is that SoundCloud added the “Share on Tumblr” feature on its mobile apps for sharing tracks while on the go. Now, some of you may confuse this with SoundCloud allowing music to be shared on other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Tumblr is the very first social platform to allow online music files to be played on its own native site.