(Sort Of) Nice Things Said About Kornheiser

From SI.com’s 2006 Media Awards:

    THE MOST EXHILARATING 431 SECONDS AWARD: Monday Night Football, ESPN. Plenty of people have criticized the celebrification of Monday Night Football, including yours truly. (The New York Times’ venerable media reporter, Richard Sandomir, recently reported the length of some of celebrity interviews, with Ronde Barber clocking in at a high of 32 minutes, Matthew McConaughey at 14:17 and Jim Belushi at 7:11.) I’ve recently changed my tune on this. There’s something so delicious about watching Joe Theismann suck up to actors and athletes, something perversely perfect about Tony Kornheiser genuflecting over the work of Christian Slater (for 431 seconds). I now want more. Much more. Give me five celebrities every game. I want Theismann asking Nas if hip-hop is dead and Mike Tirico peppering Mischa Barton about her oeuvre. And I really want Kornheiser interviewing the entire cast of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County.

And this:


    Kornheiser, on the NHL: “They should get off the bicycle network and go on a real one. Like Bravo.”

(Hat Tip: Romenesko)