Sony Unplugs Video Ads from the PlayStation 3 Game

In response to rising number of complaints from the gaming universe, Sony has yanked a recently-launched series of video ads from the PlayStation 3 game WipEout.

Sony announced on Monday (Aug. 3) that the in-game ad firm Double Fusion had begun inserting video ads within the popular racing game.

But just as the deal became public, gamers were already out in force on the Web complaining that the video ads—featuring the brand State Farm—were actually slowing down load times in the game. Fans reacted on message boards, and some even made YouTube clips protesting the new ads.

Apparently, the ads were not meant to actually prolong down the game’s normal load time; rather the video spots were supposed to stream only during natural breaks between the game’s various levels. Sony officials said that its partnership between Double Fusion will continue and eventually the video ads will be restored once a “technical issue” is resolved.

In the meantime, Sony and Double Fusion’s released the following joint statement: “The ads have been removed in order to further investigate the situation and ensure that any in-game advertising does not affect the gameplay experience.”