Sony CEO: This is Not Your Father’s Sony

Sony_CEO_AP.jpgSony CEO Howard Stringer said the company plans to win back its electronic leadership—by improving its Internet-linked gadgets, wiping out losses in video games and TVs and pushing services and software in addition to hardware, according to the Associated Press.

Some of the new initiatives will include, according to the report:

– In the fall, an Internet service will deliver feature films and TV shows directly to Bravia TVs, without using satellite or cable distribution systems;

– A movie download service also will come for the PlayStation 3 game console in the summer;

– The company plans to more aggressively network its various products, including its TVs, cell phones, and game systems.

In recent years, Sony has lost some of its brand cachet, due to some highly publicized PR fiascos, the fact that it basically handed its Walkman market to Apple, and the slow start for its PlayStation 3 console.