Sometimes A Little Cliche Isn’t The Worst Thing After All


Our very first attempts at rampant philosophizing, once we got past the minor Nietzsche, often coalesced with the absolute terror that at some point there would cease to be original thought. At some point in the plausibly near future, we worried, all possible thoughts would have been thought, and then what would be left? Years later we’ve realized that many people do actually run out of thoughts and start imposing irrelevant critical frameworks onto pre-existing ideas as a last-ditch attempt to say something original, which for us finally explains the egregious error that is post-structuralism.

Jack H. Summerford, writing in AIGA Voice, went through a similar process although his seems to have thrown him for a smaller loop. A couple paragraphs on trying to find original wordplay with the word “blog” (we like “blahg”) and he launches into discussing the sometime value of typographic cliche and design standbys. Excerpt:

If it appears that, when an idea becomes obvious, and when obvious becomes a cliche, and when a cliche becomes part of an idea, is a timing thing, it is.