Some Reasons Print Marketing Will Live On in 2011: Folio:

Print08242010.jpgThe easy bet is that in coming years print marketing will let out a final death rattle, but over at Folio, content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi’s making the tougher case. He says that there are as many as seven reasons why marketers will help print make a comeback in 2011.

The seven saviors are as follows:

• Because there are fewer print items coming in the mail every day, consumers pay more attention when a piece of paper arrives at their doorstep. That’s a marketing opportunity! Pulizzi: “I don’t know about you, but I definitely pay more attention to my print mail.”

• Companies want to retain customers. The raison d’etre for much of print marketing has traditionally been to help companies do that. Therefore, print has a continued reason to exist.

• Unlike magazines, marketers don’t have to worry about development costs.

• It’s a classic contrarian move. With everyone talking up the iPad and social media, what better way to stand out from the crowd than using paper?

• Print has a magical property that allows it to challenge readers. Online publications don’t have as much of that (?).

• People see words on paper as more credible than those that appear on computer screens. Pulizzi: “Whether that’s true or not, that is still a widely-held perception.”

• Readers want to “unplug” and kick it old-school without all the pesky technology that invades their lives.

All of this reminds us; we’d better go check our mailbox. It’s been weeks since we looked inside it.