Solving Bad Ballot Design


A while back, during the endlessly painful primaries, we spent a little time talking about the various woes of voting ballot design. And now that we’re rounding the corner and getting into what’s sure to be an endlessly painful general election run, here we are back to talking about it. This time around, we look to the AIGA‘s head Richard Grefe and Design for Democracy‘s Jessica Freidman Hewitt teaming up for an entry over at the NY Times‘ Campaign Stops blog to try and get to the bottom of what’s wrong, design-wise, with ballots across the country. While the post itself doesn’t get to solving much, instead focusing on how messed up everything is, their extra interactive feature is wonderful, highlighting where the problems are on a sample ballot and then offering up solutions in how to fix it. While it all makes complete sense and you might find yourself looking forward to seeing some redesigns such as these, keep in mind that we’re talking about the government here, so don’t count on much changing.