Imagine If Solar Power Grew Like Facebook [Infographic]

solar_power While solar power grows at a rate of 60% each year, that’s nothing compared to the roughly 275% growth that Facebook experienced year-over-year, growing from about 175 million users last year to over 500 million this summer. So what if solar power grew at the rate that Facebook acquired new users? The folks at One Block off the Grid (1BOG) wanted to know, and they created this nifty infographic to help visualize it. The most startling finding? The world could be totally powered by solar energy in under five years.

Starting small, 1BOG shows that solar power would be available to 12,000 homes in its first day if it grew at the rate that Facebook did. Within 14 months the entire state of California would be solar powered – that means nothing would rely on coal or other energy sources. And after 4.7 years of this tremendous growth, the entire world could kick the coal and turn to solar power.


The infographic notes that, while Facebook-like growth might be a bit out of reach, those who have a neighbor who installed solar power are twice as likely to do it themselves. And in the United States, more solar power panels were installed last year than other power sources like coal.

1BOG is a service that combines the power of group buying – so popular these days with small daily deals for half price cupcakes – and solar energy. They use the power of a large group of consumers interested in solar power to negotiate low-cost solar panel installations. Available in dozens of cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Diego, 1BOG is an innovative solar social network.