Software testing company uTest relaunches as Applause, acquires TestHub


Software testing company uTest has relaunched as Applause. The updated company has expanded its focus to “360 degree app quality,” offering in-the-wild testing of products so developers can maximize their app quality across a variety of factors. In addition, the company has announced its acquisition of German crowd-testing company Testhub, which will become Applause’s European base of operations, Applause EU.

Combined, Applause and TestHub have seven years of crowd-testing experience, and have access to over 140,000 testers from 200 countries and territories. The pair has worked with thousands of clients, including Google, Amazon, USA Today and Netflix, and has generated over 1 million test reports in total.

On its own, Applause has raised $80 million in funding since 2008, and has grown to 160 employees across North America and Europe.

The company’s focus on real-world testing for web, desktop and mobile apps sees developers testing their software outside of a lab, in real-world scenarios. In doing so, the products receive testing beyond a basic functional level, with additional focus placed on localization testing, software usability (are apps intuitive), load and security testing for consumer privacy.

In addition, the company provides a mobile SDK for crash and bug reporting, gathering user feedback and more for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. A Mobile Analytics dashboard allows app developers to monitor their apps across all major app stores, providing a complete view of their app from development to launch and beyond.

“Web, mobile and wearable applications – and the quality of these digital experiences – are the gateway to brands and businesses. This new ideal of 360 degree app quality is the best way for companies to differentiate themselves, and win in the highly competitive apps economy,” said Applause CEO Doron Reuveni.

“And modern app quality is no longer just a developer or QA problem; it’s a CIO problem, a marketing problem, a sales problem and a CEO problem.  As Applause, we bring together a range for testing services and app quality tools to enable companies to achieve this.”

The company’s products are modular, so developers can purchase the tools they need and skip the items they don’t. More information on Applause’s platform is available on the company’s website.

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