What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About MarketMeSuite

MarketMeSuite is a dashboard to help businesses proactively manage their social media marketing. After the jump - what you need to know about MarketMeSuite.

MarketMeSuite is a dashboard to help businesses proactively manage their social media marketing.

Twitter compliant, its tools are designed to help brands grow their networks by branding their tweets, automatically tweeting RSS feeds, managing Facebook accounts and identifying, following and connecting with Twitter users by topic or location.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

Reply Campaigns allow Twitter to be searched in a manner similar to a Google AdWords campaign, with negative keywords, geotargetting, search flags, etc. Replies to relevant results can be generated from user-controlled, ready-to-go templates or be customized.

Coolest feature

Branding of tweets. In the tweet details, the link back is to the account owner, not the application.

Feature rundown

  • Twitter / Facebook Management
  • Post to All – Facebook profile, fan page, Twitter, Ping.fm)
  • Reply Campaigns (geotargeted)
  • Tweet Branding Unlimited
  • Tweet Scheduling
  • Dotted Content

User profile

Small to medium sized businesses. In the coming months, the publisher plans to add modules for enterprise clients with additional analytics and monitoring. Also available is BlogMe, a quick means to install a premium WordPress theme.

User review

“Gaining exposure and eyeballs is the key to marketing. MarketMeSuite has brought me over 25% of my increase in traffic in the two months since I have been utilizing the software and I have only begun to utilize all the tools within the software. I am very excited about the possibilities of how to utilize a necessary piece of software that is bringing me visitors, increasing my exposure, and maximizing sales!” – Jason Grilli, WildPitchMarketing.com

Recent news

Integration with Zendesk and the ability to favorite tweets and make them into “Twickets”.


MarketMeSuite is free as of September 26, 2011.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “We feel like we’re the only ones doing it the way it needs to be done. There’s some great management tools out there, but they are missing proactive marketing. And some decent marketing tools (although sometimes a bit spammy) but that have no real management side. We are always Twitter compliant and take our users accounts very seriously.”

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