What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Network Insights SocialSenseFB

Networked Insight's SocialSenseFB is a social media tool that allows companies to analyze what fans are saying on Facebook about their brand and competitors' brands. After the jump - what you need to know about SocialSenseFB.

SocialSenseFB is a social media analytics tool from Networked Insights that allows companies to analyze what fans are saying about their brand and competitors’ brands on Facebook. Using SocialSenseFB, companies can analyze wall posts, comments and discussions to learn what’s most important to their fans and better understand what drives the brand. The platform uses Facebook’s Graph API, allowing marketers to leverage a community of people who are voluntarily engaging with the brand.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

SocialSenseFB helps marketers evaluate campaigns by gauging fan response on Facebook. Based upon trends identified by SocialSenseFB, marketers can understand what is resonating with fans and what isn’t. The platform can help discover language customer’s use, measure engagement, analyze sentiment and identify trends in fans’ conversations on the brand’s Facebook page.

Coolest feature

SocialSenseFB i provides marketers with real-time insight into conversations happening on the brand’s Facebook page. One post on a Facebook page can generate thousands of comments. And with some brands having hundreds of thousands of followers, knowing the number of fans is not very helpful, but understanding the level of engagement with the brand is important. Whether it’s a good or bad trend in comments, companies need to know what is being said about their brands on Facebook. This way brand marketers can optimize their marketing to better connect with consumers.

Feature rundown

SocialSenseFB uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to identify themes and patterns that fuel insights. Key features of the product include:

  • Dashboard Interface – makes it easy to understand findings
  • Discovery and Keyword Insights – tracks conversations around keywords, while also finding what you didn’t know to look for; discovery technology uncovers buzzing themes without the benefit of keywords
  • Engagement Measurement – measures the level of engagement of “fans” rather than just counting individual posts
  • Influence and Sentiment Analysis – accounts for influence of fans engaging with the brand on its Facebook page and analyzes the sentiment of conversations
  • Relevant Verbatims – helps find and share meaningful testimonials

User profile

The ideal user of SocialSenseFB is a large brand looking to learn about what fans are saying about the company on its Facebook page. Users of SocialSenseFB would benefit from other Networked Insights’ social media analytics tools such as:

  • SocialSense – mines social media data to fuel insights that drive better marketing decisions. Can be highly tailored to custom needs
  • SocialSenseTV – finds highly engaged audiences in conversations around shows and provides insights to inform media buying and selling

User review

“I like the way it summarizes the data for me. I check in on the dashboard every morning and get a good sense for what’s being talked about. And when I’m doing research for a campaign, I like to check in with SocialSenseFB to hear how customers are discussing our products.”

Compared to competition

According to the company, “SocialSenseFB is a better choice for companies looking to gain insight on their Facebook fans. Acting like the Google Analytics for unstructured data, SocialSenseFB provides marketers with the information they need to determine the ROI on particular marketing campaigns. The information presented by SocialSenseFB is thorough, insightful and easy to understand, helping companies figure out what their fans think of them.”

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