What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About SocialGO

SocialGo is a SaaS application that creates "socially enabled" websites where groups and communities can communicate and share in a secure environment. After the jump - what you need to know about SocialGo.

SocialGo is a SaaS application that creates “socially enabled” websites where groups and communities can communicate and share in a secure environment. This subscription-driven social media tool allows anyone to create his or her own social network, to build relationships with members, customers or employees, organize events, generate revenue and more.

Network access can be public or limited to members, with the option of charging membership fees for full or partial access.

All member information is completely safe with adjustable site security. For businesses, SocialGO allows creation of a secure intranet or a branded network of loyal customers – with sub groups related to departments, geographic locations, products and more.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

SocialGO is a customized, socially connected hub for niche-communities of friends, associates, club members, colleagues or customers. Businesses can connect and engage on an “owned” platform applying much of the same functionality as offered by social networks such as Facebook, while also incorporating a blog, online store, event management, audio and video chat, forums, messaging, groups, file uploads with unlimited storage and other features.

The underlying principle is that, on a dedicated network, brands can build much meaningful relationships than on Facebook and Twitter. Those followers can be encouraged to join brands’ SocialGO-enabled social site, with the assumption that those that choose to do so are more likely to be converted to brand advocates. As participation grows, brands may be able to go beyond exclusive content and benefits to advertising, subscriptions and sales transactions.

Coolest feature

SocialGO offers a white label solution that allows the space to have exclusive branding and customized design.

Feature rundown

Monetization – Brands can sell products, advertising, premium access and more

Security and privacy – Brands maintain complete control over their networks, with the ability to moderate all activity and establish membership privacy by restricting public access.

Live text and video chat – Conference in real time without additional software download.

Organize, schedule, promote and manage events – Members and sub-groups can create public or private events, RSVP and post event photos.

Subgroups – Within networks, people with similar interests and objectives may want their own space. These subgroups can be public or by invitation only.

Forum and blogs – Members can debate hot topics in specially created forums and post video and photos as part of their replies. Participants are notified of new responses by email. Forums may be private. In addition, an open, moderated blog can be used as the home page.

User profile

Designed primarily for small and medium-sized businesses, SocialGo can also be used by existing communities (or to create a community) for schools, clubs, non-profits, churches and families.

User review

“Rarely have I seen a platform better able to deliver the opportunity for an everyday business to explode their personal and company network, get push-button access to new potential investors, customers, partners, clients, and other influencers, as well as provide a meeting-place for like-minded people to connect, learn, grow, meet and market. We are very impressed by the ideal combination of practical tools and marketing leverage that have been built-in to the SocialGO platform.” – Danny Welsh and Rick Melero, owners of www.RealDealCommunity.com


  • Free (with limited functionality)
  • Premium – $25 per month
  • White label – $49 per month
  • Concierge – $150 a month (up to five hours design and management support)
  • Plus an a-la-carte menu of widgets, templates and support services

Compared to competition

According to the company, “We are the ‘business grade’ social network. We offer the most features at the lowest cost, with the highest level of customization and support for design, branding and monetization”

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