SocialHour Relaunches As Dizzy Networks (Updated)

-Dizzy Networks-It appears that Social Hour, one of the few ad networks to be completely banned from the Facebook platform, has now relaunched under a new name: Dizzy Networks. According to one source, Social Hour had been looking for a new face for the company and according to the company’s website, they hired Jeremy Olsson, who was previously the Director of Performance Marketing for RockYou. While the company is still focused on trying to convert IQ quizzes, it doesn’t appear as though Dizzy Networks is running as aggressive of advertisements this time around.

It was only a matter of time before the company returned to the platform as they were previously generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a day according to a few sources. So how do we know that this company is actually a rebranded Social Hour? Yesterday we received a tip from a PR firm, who wishes to remain anonymous, which showed both companies’ domains as being hosted on the same IP address. Since then the company has moved servers to avoid having the same IP Address, but both IPs are still hosted by the same co-location company: ServerNap.

A simple traceroute command show the last pre-destination hop as the same server: “”. Based on this, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this is a relaunched Social Hour. What’s more interesting is how we found out about this. The PR firm, which represents a competing ad network on the Facebook platform (who is also going out of business according to numerous sources), has forwarded us this information and requested to remain anonymous.

It’s pretty rare that a PR firm sends us a tip in such a manner (and includes co-workers on the e-mail). My guess is that they expected this post to be a hit job on SocialHour but as of now I don’t have anything negative to say aside from the fact that they were previously shut down for using tactics which were part of a race to the bottom. Also, the company is still running IQ quiz ads as their primary inventory. While I think most of the IQ Quiz “products” should be banned all together, I doubt that will happen any time soon considering that it isn’t really a violation of Facebook’s terms.

While I’m not sure what sort of terms SocialHour was banned under, the company is back and actively recruiting publishers under the new name “Dizzy Networks“.

The founder of Dizzy Networks, Jeremy Olsson, has told us that they are just licensing Social Hour’s ad platform. We still find it highly coincidental that the company was hosting their website on the same servers as Social Hour. If it’s licensing the technology, it makes sense that the website could be hosted at the same company, however this is essentially the same platform and the same ads same products (IQ Quizzes and other reverse mobile billing affiliate programs). Jeremy told Shoemoney the same thing he told us.