SocialBro Now Analyzes The Impact Of The Content You Share On Twitter

SocialBro, an expansive Twitter dashboard tool, is kicking things up a notch with a brand new “Tweet Analytics” tool unveiled this week.

For the first time, SocialBro lets you measure the impact of the actual content you share on Twitter, improving the effectiveness of your messages.

Here’s what you can already do with SocialBro:

– Get accurate information about your community, get to know your audience in-depth and interact efficiently with those contacts.

– Find out when your best time to tweet is.

– Keep an eye on a third-party Twitter account, comparing it with yours and analyzing its evolution.

– Conduct a Twitter DM campaign.

– Find out how you are performing on Twitter compared to your industry peers using SocialBro’s Benchmark tool.

– Find new Twitter users to target and engage with, great for finding influencers, potential customers or PR opportunities.

– Improve your CRM by keeping track of important contacts and remembering to answer questions from customers.

That list of offerings is already pretty robust, especially seeing as a lot of those functions are even available to free customers.

But the new “Tweet Analytics” tool is really a differentiator for SocialBro, crucial in a crowded space (ever heard of HootSuite?).

Here’s a breakdown of what SocialBro’s “Tweet Analytics” shows you:

– How each tweet has performed (retweets, replies, favorites, mentions) displayed on a bubble chart and list view.

– Who has retweeted, replied to and favourited each tweet, with links to their Twitter bios.

– Potential reach for each tweet.

– How many people clicked your Bitly links.

– Your overall performance on Twitter according to the social media metrics created by Avinash Kaushik, author of some of the most popular web analytics books worldwide.

Those metrics include my favorite: Applause Rate, which measures the depth of your understanding of what your audience likes, based on favorites.

So now you can get analytics on both your content and contacts in one place. And with content more central to social media strategy than ever before, that’s a valuable proposition.

Check out SocialBro’s user guide for even more info.