Social networks go to the dogs or dogs go social networking?

dognamiclogojpg.gifThe answer to this post’s question is a resounding yes to both. Although dogs here are represented by their owners who can register themselves and their dogs to Dognamic, a new social networking site for the proud owners of man’s best friend.dognamiclogins.jpgWe’ve covered dog niche social networking site before, so I guess Dognamic doesn’t really come off as interesting and fresh niche social networking site at all. The developers and owners of Dognamic however, probably knowing that they may already late on the dog-inspired social networking scene, peppered Dognamic’s site with cool, fun and interactive features. And these features could determine the site’s success or failure.

Dognamic is a full featured social networking site in the likes of MySpace and Facebook. Members create their “dog” member profile and put in various aspects of their dogs’ lives. Dognamic members can enter their dog’s lifestyles, eating habits, pictures, videos and yes blogs as well. All these for the love of our pet dogs.

Here are the unique features of Dognamic:

  • Dogatron – a free alerting system that members can utilize when their dogs are missing. Dogatron creates an “amber alert” network wide and a news ticker announcing that a member has lost his dog.
  • Full directory of dog products and services – free membership and inclusion in Dognamic’s global directory of dog charities, shelters, adoption, product sales, veterinarians, dog friendly places and tips for traveling with dogs in tow.
  • Non-Profit support – to help agencies reach out online and find dogs good homes.

If you have a dog, do your pet some good and create a dog profile at Dognamic. You might find it handy and useful later on.