Social Networks Boot Empire State Sex Offenders

NewYorkStateFlag.jpgThanks to the implementation of the State of New York’s Electronic Securing and Targeting of Online Predators Act (“E-Stop”), Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced that social-networking sites Facebook and MySpace were purging registered sex offenders, disabling 2,782 and 1,796 accounts, respectively, CNET reported.

The E-Stop law bans many registered offenders from using social-networking sites while on parole or probation and requires all of them to disclose e-mail addresses, screen names and “other Internet identifiers,” with that data provided to social-networking sites, according to CNET.

Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt told CNET New York “built its database with the idea of social-networking companies running it against their user base,” while other states “sometimes just fax over a list. Their databases are designed to help people find out if there is a sex offender living on their street. This is a very different use case.”