Social Networking Can Provide Lotsa Helping Hands

lotsahelpinghands_banner.jpgOverwhelmed by previous experiences from the pour of support from friends who wanted to help them when a family member was in a serious medical condition, the founder of social community-creation site Lotsa Helping Hands decided to create a web portal for creating social circles online. Lotsa Helping Hands is a way of putting some good sense and social relevance to the web 2.0 niche. In more ways than one, it’s reiterating the other meaning of the word “social”. So, how does a social networking/online community tool such as Lotsa Helping Hands becomes for a good cause? By providing a facility for creating a web community for a medical cause for a family or friends. Once this particular web community is created, the initiator or what LOHH calls coordinator can start sending invites and adding members to the community. Invitees or new members should in one way or the other support this cause and is willing to make a commitment.

At first, Lotsa Helping Hands would seem a pretty difficult task to achieve, both for the coordinator and would-be members. But it becomes easier once the virtual community is established.

The coordinator and the initial members of the virtual community can start enriching their community with social networking site content, relevant links to related information, creating photo galleries and practically everything that you can do in your usual web 2.0 community.

The key is, the virtual community revolves around a common good cause. And that is to provide any form of support to whatever problem that a particular Lotsa Helping Hands community was created for.

Alright, if I made you confused even in what Lotsa Helping Hands is all about, you may read more about it by visiting the Lotsa Helping Hands portal.