Social Networking and Online Communications Related IE8 Accelerators

ie8acceleratorsAre you enjoying the new Internet Explorer 8 yet? Have you tried out the cool accelerators? If not, here are the social networking and online communications related IE8 accelerators that you might want to add to your IE8 installation. All these accelerators can make your social networking fun and web browsing more productive. To add the accelerators, simply click on the link and you will be brought to the IE8 accelerator page.

Share on Facebook – lets you share a webpage, link or any webpage iems on your Facebook profile page.

Find on LinkedIn – this accelerator helps you find a person’s LinkedIn profile. It will be useful for looking up potential clients, business contacts, employment opportunities and partners. You can also use this to quickly check up on individuals whom you encounter while browsing the web, to see if they have a LinkedIn presence.

Find on Facebook – similar to Find on LinkedIn, this accelerator also helps you find people’s profile on Facebook, wherever you are in any webpage.

Share on LinkedIn – lets you share news article or blog post to your LinkedIn connections.

Digg Accelerator – lets you discover great content and and submit interesting articles to Digg.

Sharing, E-mail, Bookmark – brought to you by Shareaholic, this accelerator lets you quickly e-mail,s hare, and bookmark web pages. The accelerator supports 30 web 2.0, social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and email services.

Microsoft Social – lets you share URLs from the web, get feeds of popular links on any topic, get feeds of links from experts. Requires a Microsoft Live ID.

Share with Delicious – if you’re fond of using Delicious then you’d find this accelerator on your IE8 browser useful. It lets you share your current document or a selected link using Delicious. The text you select on the webpage will be the description of the Delicious link.
Share on Twitter – Twitter users, this is your IE8 accelerator. It lets you share any text you find on the web as your Tweet.

Search Orkut by IOTAP – this one is for Orkut members. It lets you search for friends on Orkut by highlighting text on any webpage.
Twingly Blog Links – lets you find out which sites links to the web page that you are currently viewing.
Post to LiveJournal – if you’re still in LiveJournal, this accelerator allows you to post selected text in any webpage to your liveJournal account.
Send with LiveSearch Mail – lets you send a webpage, link or text in a webpage instantly using Live Search Mail.
AOL Mail Accelerator – just like the previous accelerator, this one also lets you send webpage, link or text using this time AOL Mail.

Gmail – and yes, Gmail also gets an IE8 accelerator. And just like the other email-related accelerators, this one also lets you send webpage, link or text directly using your Gmail account.

There you go, 15 social networking and online communication related accelerators that you can add to your IE8 browser. Just clikc on the link and it will bring you to the page where you can add the accelerators to your IE8 browser. You can find other accelerators by clicking on the “Page” pulldown menu tab at the upper part of your IE8 toolbar. There you can find the link to view all accelerators.