Social Network + People = Socialppl

Just as easy it is to understand what socialppl stands for, is what it is trying to offer to us, social networking loving people. A social network for people, as simple as that. No frills, no shrills just you’re good old social network with no specific niche, open for everyone type of social networking site. But then of course, before you spend a few minutes of your precious time to register at socialppl, you need to know what’s in store for you at this new social networking site.

Like your usual social networking site in the line of MySpace, Facebook and Bebo, Sociappl gives you a community platform where you can reconnet with old friends, roommates, classmates or co-workers, meet friends of your friends, set up a social network, create a custom profile, share photos and blog, get to know people that share your interest, browse photos and as socialppl promises, much more.

The socialppl PR says that thousands of people have already signed-up at the site. But we doubt if this was true as there are very few activities going on at the main page of socialppl.

Another interesting things, especially for our male readers. Most of the featured members’ photos on the main portal of socialppl are female members. We wonder, if there were already many male members of the site. Or whether this is a ploy to attract possibly more members?

At any rate, like we always said when ever we feature a no-niche social networking site, if you’re tired of the major social networks, there’s no harm in trying out some new kids on the social network block. Socialppl is one of these new social networks, you might want to give it a spin. Have fun!