Men More Likely Than Women To Use Social Media Whilst On The Toilet Or Drunk, Says Poll [STUDY]

More than eight in 10 Facebook users and around two-thirds of Twitter users have actively used these social media sites while they are watching TV, reveals a new study.

But that’s not all. It turns out social media users are great multitaskers all round, with social media being a popular concurrent pastime whilst travelling, working and shopping, and even when using the lavatory.

More than half of Facebook users and just over a third of Twitter users admitted to social networking whilst on the toilet, and slightly less have done so whilst drunk, notes a study last month from CreditDonkey.

Of most concern is the revelation that almost one in five (19 percent) have used Facebook whilst driving.

Women are slightly more likely than men to be using social media whilst watching TV, travelling and exercising, while men are significantly more likely to be active on Twitter and Facebook whilst on the toilet or intoxicated.

(Source: eMarketer. Image via Shutterstock.)

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