Social Mention Scours through All Social Media Content

Google is definitely the most useful search engine if you want to dig into the web’s huge amount of online content and information. The problem is when you search for something in Google, you’ll get thousands if not millions of results. So what if you want to search for user-generated content on specific blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and micro-blogging services? Hopefully, there’s now a social media search engine to help you do that, enter Social Mention.

Social Mention allows you to easily track what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. It aggregates search results from numerous popular social media sources that include Google blog search, Twitter, Delicious, Friendfeed, Flickr, Digg, YouTube and many more, and present it in a single stream. Also, Social Mention gives out fresh data since it tracks conversation in real time.

If you want to receive automatic and instant updates, Social Mention offers email alerts and personalized RSS feed.

Social Mention is definitely a powerful search engine and it could be very useful if you want to know how many blogs have mentioned your name or brand, how many people have bookmark your blog posts on Delicious, how many people have mentioned you in their comments, among other things.

Additionally, Social Mention also has a “Google Zitgeist-like” streams called hot conversations which tracks the most popular items currently circulating on the web.