10 Social Media Personality Types – Which One Are You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you’ve been active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for a lengthy period of time, you start to develop a personality.

This may not be something you’re even aware of. It usually isn’t contrived (although sometimes it blatantly is), but many people, like it or not, become (or slip into the habits of) a certain type of user as they become a veteran of their favourite social media service(s) and, while this will inevitably fluctuate on occasion, they usually revert back to that tried-and-tested social norm once the madness has passed.

So what about you? Are you a social athlete, well-organised, responsible and hard-working? Or perhaps you see yourself more as a social nurturer, putting the needs of others above your own? You might be more comfortable assuming the rule of the social lurker, who is less interested in engagement, but gobbles up content like Pac-Man. Or maybe you’re one of the few social visionaries, creative, outspoken and always on the look-out for new projects and ideas?

Or you could be none of the above. Or a little bit of all of them? The infographic below takes a closer look at 10 common social media personality types.

(Source: Digital Jungle. Psychology image via Shutterstock.)

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