Social Media Overload: Thinking Through Facebook Friend Requests

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It has certainly been written about before, but lately I can’t help but feeling a little bit of social media overload myself.

My “overload” was sparked by another Facebook “friend” request from a PR pro last night, which said “I look forward to seeing you at the event at my office tonight,” or something along those lines.

Now, I had RSVP’d for this event (but unfortunately was unable to attend) and I’m sure if we’d met in person, chances are we’d have gotten along just fine. However, even after meeting someone at just one event, does that qualify for automatic Facebook friending? I’ve debated this point with many people. Some, like Peter Shankman, want to grow their network as much as possible, and will friend everyone. Others like to keep Facebook somewhat personal and will send acquaintances or business contacts to LinkedIn.

Really, it’s up to you, and we’re all learning more and more about this new media world as we go, but all I could think of last night was that this event organizer sent a blind Facebook friend request to everyone on the RSVP list for his event, which to me was an immediate turn off.

What is your Facebook friend policy? Do you friend after the first date, or is there some sort of courtship involved?

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