Social Media Newsfeed: World Cup Twitter Record | Social Media and Police

Brazil's defeat of Germany in World Cup semi-final match is most tweeted sports game ever. Social media following grows for Maine police department after posting photo of a stuffed duck. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Twitter.Logo_-150x150Brazil’s Crushing Defeat to Germany at the World Cup is Now the Most-Tweeted Sports Game Ever (The Next Web)
The FIFA World Cup has helped Twitter break its own record, again. The dramatic Brazil vs. Germany semi-final match Monday night scored a whopping 35.6 million tweets, breaking the previous record of 16.4 million tweets racked up by the Brazil-Chile match also during the World Cup less than two weeks ago, with more than double the number of tweets. The Guardian It easily beat the previous record of 24.9 million tweets set by the Super Bowl earlier in 2014. Germany’s fifth goal, scored by Sami Khedira, also broke another Twitter record, helping the match peak at 580,166 tweets per minute (TPM). Bleacher Report The moment that prompted most people into tweeting was the fifth goal, which concluded a crazy five-goal haul before the 30-minute mark at the Estadio Mineirao, noted by Twitter data. For Brazil, the loss is as dramatic and devastating as their exit from the tournament ever could be. CNN With a blowout imminent, many football fans turned away from their televisions and poured their energy to Photoshop. Some found a new design for Rio’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue — with designs featuring a triumphant German Chancellor Angela Merkel or a weeping Jesus. IBT While many people took the opportunity to rub salt in the wounds of the Brazilian players and fans on Twitter, many of the German players were also quick to post updates on Twitter following the game. While the biggest Twitter users among the Brazilian team – Neymar and David Luiz – have remained silent, Dani Alves has posted a message in support of his team mates, saying he is privileged to be part of the group.

Maine Police Get Facebook Boost with Stuffed Duck (Seattle Post-Intelligencer/AP)
Police here believe they have quacked the code for finding followers on social media. The 80-officer Bangor Police Department, which serves a city of about 33,000, has attracted more than 20,000 likes on its Facebook page after humorous pictures of a stuffed duck were added.

How to Be in the Top 5 Percent of Bloggers [Survey] (SocialTimes)
Orbit Media Studios conducted a survey of more than 1,000 bloggers to better understand the processes of industry experts. Respondents answered questions about time spent on a typical post, frequency, editing, promotional tactics and more.

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Buzz Aldrin Launches Campaign for Sharing Moon-Landing Tales (CNET)
We’re approaching the 45th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20. To celebrate, Buzz Aldrin is promoting a social media campaign to share memories of the event.

Facebook to Advertisers: Install Conversion Pixels (AllFacebook)
Facebook is pushing advertisers to install conversion pixels, which enable measurement of outcomes such as click-throughs and purchases. Reader Matteo Gamba shared a screenshot, with the header, “Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Conversions,” and the message: “Use a conversion pixel to track actions from your ads and optimize your delivery for the people most likely to click, add products, or make a purchase.”

In Social Media, There are No Excuses (Chicago Tribune)
Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a photo of the 1986 space shuttle Challenger explosion was mistaken for fireworks and posted to American Apparel’s Tumblr. Ouch. That’s bad. But then came the company apology.

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FIFA Doesn’t Want To See The World Cup in Your Twitter Avatar (AllTwitter)
FIFA is cracking down on Twitter users who want to express their love of the World Cup by using its copyright logo or emblems as their avatar. According to Torrent Freak, FIFA is cracking down hard on anyone misusing their images on social media.

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