Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter Search | Yahoo, Facebook Settle | Web Outage?

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Twitter Overhauls Search Experience (The Next Web)
Twitter has dropped a brand new search experience on its service to help you find things that really matter to you. Here’s what Frost Li, an engineer on the Search and Relevance team at Twitter had to say about it Friday on the company’s blog: “We’re constantly working to make Twitter search the simplest way to discover what’s happening in real time. To that end, today we’re introducing search autocomplete and ‘People You Follow’ search results to In addition to recent improvements like related query suggestions, spelling corrections and more relevant search results, these updates make it even easier to immediately get closer to the things you care about.” Business Insider While it’s sometimes interesting to see what strangers around the world have to say on a topic in the news, often it’s more relevant to see tweets from the friends and news sources you follow. And the lack of this feature has been a major flaw in Twitter search. VentureBeat Around half of Twitter users are using the service as a super-simplified RSS reader, not as a mechanism for broadcasting their own thoughts to an uncaring world. Since the company wants to grow — and wants to continue to grow more mainstream — it’s in its best interests to make Twitter the simplest, best RSS reader anyone could ask for. And the announcements about finding and following topics take the product a bit closer to that goal. TechCrunch The updates are already live on, and related search suggestions, autocomplete and spelling corrections are also now available in Twitter for iPhone and Android. You can try them out now with a search for “Jeremy Lin,” which returns his username and the real names of teammates as suggestions, plus a filter for tweets from People You Follow. AllTwitter Twitter’s announcement is really a non-announcement as it heavily references previously introduced functionalities like related query suggestions, spelling corrections and more relevant search results, which we told you about in May.

Yahoo, Facebook Settle Patent Spat, Forge Alliance (ZDNET)
Yahoo and Facebook have announced a new advertising agreement and the end of their patent disputes. They have now agreed to cross-license their patent portfolios, and have also decided to work together on advertising, distributing and promoting ads across both Yahoo and Facebook, especially during major events like the Super Bowl. AllThingsD After the Silicon Valley companies reached the agreement, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinsohn got on the phone with AllThingsD for an exclusive joint interview. Here’s what they had to say. Forbes What the deal doesn’t settle is the wretched state of patent law, especially as applied to fast-changing technology industries, that made the short-lived war possible in the first place. Some companies, such as Twitter, are trying to change the game with new policies that limit when they can sue.

Internet Providers Bracing for Calls About Malware (AP)
Internet providers have plans to help their customers today, and others are braced for calls to helplines because thousands around the country whose computers were infected with malicious software more than a year ago faced the possibility of not being able to get online. Internet users scanning their Twitter feeds or Facebook accounts Sunday were encouraged to add one more quick click to check their computer for malware.

Facebook’s App Store Arrives in the UK (Mashable)
Facebook has begun rolling out its apps marketplace internationally, launching a version for UK users Friday morning. Facebook’s App Center (or Centre, in British spelling) launched in the United States early last month.

Medtronic Helps Diabetes Patients Share Success Stories Through Facebook Timeline (AllFacebook)
Medtronic Diabetes, a diabetes management solutions company, is using its Facebook timeline in a pretty inspirational way. Through social media marketing firm Likeable Media, it invites those living with diabetes to share success stories and photos of life events.

NewsWhip Scores Angel Funding to Use Social Signals to Surface the News (TechCrunch)
NewsWhip, a service that surfaces the latest news based on social signals from Facebook and Twitter, has raised an Angel round from Hal Philipp, founder and former CEO of Quantum Research Group (which was acquired by Atmel in 2008) and who is now a partner with Meridian Growth Capital, and Shane Naughton, a founder and former CTO of TaxStream (which was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2008). Details of the investment remain undisclosed, although sources tell TechCrunch that it can be considered a seed round and is in the “under $1 million” range.

Twitter for iPhone v4.3 Coming With Interactive Tweet View and Improved Notifications? (The Verge)
Twitter has been hinting at changes on the way for third-party app developers, and now it looks like the company will be further making the case for its own app. According to release notes reportedly leaked through the App Store in iOS 6, the iPhone app will soon be updated to version 4.3 with a variety of new features. These include the ability to view interactive tweets with embedded content, see “select events” highlighted in the timeline and set push notifications for individual users.

Facebook to Target Ads Based on App Usage (The Wall Street Journal)
Facebook is launching a new type of mobile advertising that targets consumers based on the apps they use, pushing the limits of how companies track what people do on their phones. The social network is tracking the apps that people use through its popular Facebook Connect feature, which lets users log into millions of websites and apps as varied as, LinkedIn and Yelp with their Facebook identity. The company then targets ads based on that data, said people familiar with the company’s plans.

Four Tips to Help Format Text on Google+ [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
Google+ users should know there are a few tips and tricks that can help add some character to their posts. This infographic will help users figure out a few ways to spice up their Google+ posts, including bold, italic, strikethrough.