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Twitter Policy’s Latest Victim: If This, Then That (Mashable)
The online service IFTTT is the latest company to suffer because of Twitter‘s new API policy. The service sent a note to users on Thursday afternoon saying it would be removing some abilities with how it interacts with Twitter due to the new rules. AllThingsD The way the email was worded made it seem like IFTTT was the latest in a string of companies affected by Twitter’s recent overhaul of its developer guidelines (currently a hotbed of contention in the tech community that relies upon Twitter’s platform to power their services). “In recent weeks, Twitter has announced policy changes that will affect how applications and users like yourself can interact with Twitter’s data. As a result of these changes, on Sept. 27 we will be removing all Twitter triggers, disabling your ability to push tweets to places like email, Evernote and Facebook.” BuzzFeed Animated GIFs don’t display in most Twitter apps, including the official clients for iPhone, Android and Mac OS. They do display in Tweetdeck and on Twitter’s website, but they’ve been officially unsupported for years, according to Twitter’s support pages. Yahoo Chelsea confirmed that Jon Obi Mikel has closed his account on social networking website Twitter after receiving racial abuse following the 2-2 draw with Juventus on Wednesday evening. That error led to several racist tweets being directed at the Nigeria international, something which the west London club has now condemned. The Next Web Twitter is making what many of us feel to be mistakes with its beloved service. A service with a legacy of robust developer support and user-created community. But Twitter is not evil.

Facebook’s New Plug-In Gives You Better Protection From Embarrassing Overshares (Wired)
Facebook has launched its Shared Activity plugin, a tool that will give users control over how much they want to share through Facebook-connected web apps. If you sign into a website like Pinterest or AirBnB using your Facebook login credentials, developers can now offer a one-click control that lets you pick which activities are shared with Facebook. AllFacebook After releasing a flurry of updates for iOS apps, Facebook announced Thursday that it has tweaked its main Android application and Messenger. Facebook for Android got a minor upgrade, and Messenger users can now quickly see who is online, and the conversation interface has been smoothed out. The Next Web The social network Thursday announced it will release a new mobile app update for both platforms every four to eight weeks. This applies to Facebook for iOS, Facebook for Android, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Camera. CNET A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that $9.5 million is enough to settle a lawsuit that accused Facebook of violating privacy laws with its now defunct advertising program Beacon, Bloomberg reported. The original class-action lawsuit, filed in 2008, targeted the social network’s alleged failure to provide adequate information and privacy controls when it came to the Beacon.

Judge: Actress in Anti-Muslim Film Can’t Force YouTube to Take it Down (Mashable)
Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress who appeared in the controversial anti-Islam YouTube clip that’s fueling protests worldwide, is suing the film’s creator for fraud and slander. As part of that lawsuit, Garcia wanted the court to force YouTube to remove the video, but the judge said that’s not going to happen.

The Next Billion-Dollar Opportunity? Buddy Media CEO Says it’s Software for Marketers (VentureBeat)
When acquired Buddy Media for $689 million, it made a major step toward cashing in on those untapped marketing dollars. “Salesforce became a billion dollar company with one product for sales,” Mike Lazerow told VentureBeat prior to his keynote address at Dreamforce Thursday to introduce Salesforce’s new software for marketers, Marketing Cloud. “There is a lot more dollars in marketing.”

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