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Facebook Rolls Out Real-Time Ad Platform (The Financial Times)
Some of the world’s largest advertising companies have signed up to Facebook’s new real-time advertising platform, in a move that the social network hopes will bolster its revenue streams. On Thursday, Facebook officially launched the platform, called Facebook Ad Exchange, or FBX, following months of testing. GigaOM Through the new exchange, Facebook and its partners use cookies to track user Web-browsing behavior and then serve up related ads on Facebook. For example, if you go to a travel site to search for a flight but then don’t complete the booking, the Facebook Exchange makes it possible for the travel site to bid in real-time for the opportunity to show you a relevant ad when you return to Facebook. Mashable Company partners report that the social network’s Exchange ad-buying program has resulted in up to a 20-fold increase. One such partner, TellApart, reported a 10 to 20-fold increase in ROI for clients, including eBags, which saw a 15-fold return on its ad spend. AdAge One big player you won’t hear talking, though, is Google, whose Invite Media still hasn’t received an invitation. No one was permanently expelled from the Facebook exchange, but some believe Google’s access to the platform was delayed for breaking Facebook’s silence rules. Business Insider FBX leaves out the most important ad products Facebook is working on — its social and mobile ads. It simply brings that common Web-advertising technique known as retargeting to Facebook ads, while leaving out most of the things that make Facebook special. Revamped With Reminders and Notes Apps Ahead of iOS 6 Debut (The Verge)
Apple began beta testing a new version of back in May, and the changes have now rolled out to the official version of the site. As noted by 9to5Mac, the updated site is now available to all iCloud users and features both Reminders and Notes apps that sync with their iOS and Mac counterparts.

Twitter Improves Location-Based Targeting for Advertisers (AllTwitter)
Twitter has made it easier for advertisers to target users based on their location. In an announcement on the company’s advertising blog, Twitter unveiled new ways to pinpoint the location of users who see certain ads on Twitter, particularly those users in the UK and Japan.

Why Quora Won’t Scale (SocialTimes)
Quora is buzzing with speculation regarding the sudden departure of one of its founders, Charlie Cheever, only four months after the company received an infusion of $50 million. In an answer to the question entitled, Charlie Cheever: What is Charlie Cheever’s status at Quora as of September 11th, 2012?, Adam D’Angelo, Cheever’s ex-partner and Quora cofounder, said, “We decided it was best for Charlie to step away from his day-to-day role at the company.”

Buzzfeed Aims for More Viral Ads With Purchase of Kingfish Labs (GigaOM)
Can ads go as viral as squeal-inducing animal pictures? Social news site Buzzfeed is angling to try and its bet is that its new acquisition, Kingfish, will help it get there faster.

Dr. Pepper Facebook Ad Ignites Evolution Debate (Mashable)
Dr. Pepper set off a heated debate over evolution on Thursday after posting an advertisement to its Facebook page, which showed an ape evolving into a man thanks to the discovery of a can of Dr. Pepper. “My ancestors were created in the Garden of Eden,” one user posted in response to the advertisement.

Friendster’s Founder Ditches Social Networks for Social News (VentureBeat)
Jonathan Abrams’ new startup, Nuzzel, is a slick, well-designed social news aggregator that pulls together all the hot stories from your Twitter feed. For Twitter users, the social network has become the ultimate source of news.

Overly Attached Girlfriend’s Reddit AMA Cut Short By Moderators (The Daily Dot)
Reddit moderators for the popular subreddit /r/IAmA faced backlash after removing an AMA posted by a woman named Laina, better known online as Overly Attached Girlfriend. Laina is no stranger to YouTube; her videos have been viewed over 40 million times ever since she made an intentionally-creepy video for a Justin Bieber fan contest and became an Internet celebrity.

NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Seeks Fan Picks for Guest Hosts, Musical Guests Via Facebook, Twitter (AllFacebook)
Facebook has been an unofficial source in the past for fans of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” to recommend their picks for guest hosts, as in the case of Betty White in May 2010. Now, the late-night juggernaut wants to make it official, posting a note on its website urging fans to submit their suggestions via Facebook and Twitter.