Social Media Newsfeed: LinkedIn Job Search | Burger King Hacked

LinkedIn Remakes Job Search Feature (SocialTimes) LinkedIn will roll out a streamlined version of its job posting feature over the next few weeks that will include more granular search options, the company said on Friday. The move follows remakes of the social network’s homepage and profiles last year.

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LinkedInLinkedIn Remakes Job Search Feature (SocialTimes)
LinkedIn will roll out a streamlined version of its job posting feature over the next few weeks that will include more granular search options, the company said on Friday. The move follows remakes of the social network’s homepage and profiles last year. CNET For instance, LinkedIn Jobs now lets people more deeply refine their searches for open positions with ZIP code, industry and function filters, as well as view the newest available jobs from previously saved searches. Premium subscribers can also limit results to positions that match their salary requirements. The Next Web Remember those emails that LinkedIn sends you with the subject line “Jobs you may be interested in”? Well those are now front and center when you go to the jobs section, although while most are tailored toward your experience and resume, there may be one or two that are sponsored jobs. SlashGear The “first degree connection” will show you companies where you know someone who can get you through the front doors. This is similar to the mutual friends system on Facebook, except these people will be your ticket to getting a new career. WebProNews The social network has created a SlideShare presentation that highlights the major changes. A small privacy warning before viewing it, however: SlideShare announced recently that its presentations can now include new tracking tools that can track metrics such as how long an individual user spends on each slide.

Burger King Twitter Account Hacked (Mashable)
Hackers took over Burger King’s Twitter account on Monday. The cyber tricksters changed the fast food company’s avatar and name to “McDonalds” and sent a McFlurry of questionable and offensive tweets. The Twitter mishap isn’t all bad news for Burger King though — the account added 5,000 new followers in the first 30 minutes since the hackers took over. AdAge The tweet that kicked things off at 12:01 p.m. read “We just got sold to McDonalds! Look for McDonalds in a hood near you @DFNCTSC.” The tweet right before that one was a legitimate @BurgerKing tweet published at noon on Sunday — a promo for a buy-one-get-one deal on BK’s Original Chicken Sandwich — which suggests that Burger King’s social-media team had planned to go dormant on Monday in observance of Presidents’ Day. Yahoo! News The pranksters fired off tweets like “if I catch you at wendys, we’re fightin!” before the breached account was suspended, the Associated Press reported. Other messages reportedly contained racial epithets, curse words and references to drug use.

Twitter-Owned Posterous Will Close on April 30 (So Here’s How to Move Your Content) (AllTwitter)
Posterous has announced that it’s closing the blogging service for good on April 30, which means you have a little over two months to get your content off there and on to somewhere else. The Posterous announcement reads: “On April 30th, we will turn off and our mobile apps in order to focus 100% of our efforts on Twitter. This means that as of April 30, Posterous Spaces will no longer be available either to view or to edit.”

Google Will Reportedly Open its Own Retail Stores Starting This Year (The Verge)
It’s no secret that Apple’s retail stores have proven extraordinarily beneficial for the company, and it looks like Google may be getting into the game now as well. 9to5Google is reporting that the company will be building a line of stand-alone retail stores, with the first locations scheduled to open by the end of the year.

Facebook Security Thwarts Malware Attack (AllFacebook)
The bad news: Facebook was one of the victims of what it called a “sophisticated attack,” whereby some of its employees’ laptops were inflicted with malware, and the investigation into the source of the attack is still ongoing. The good news: The social network said it found no evidence that user data were compromised.

Gree and Yahoo Japan Invest $2.2M in GxYz Social Gaming Business (VentureBeat)
Japan’s mobile social gaming network Gree and Yahoo Japan are investing $2.2 million in a joint venture to make social games on smartphones. The GxYz startup will open on March 15, and it will make social mobile games on smartphone platforms for the Japanese market.

Icon to Launch Tool for Curating a Professional Profile from Multiple Networks (SocialTimes)
Professionals use many networks to establish credibility online, like Twitter and Quora as well as LinkedIn. To catch socially savvy professionals without requiring them to maintain yet another site, an Austin, Texas-based startup called Icon has created a service for building a resume and a virtual business card from multiple social feeds.

Why Tumblr Just Celebrated Fluffy Chicken Day (The Daily Dot)
Have you ever wanted something so much you’d enlist the help of half a million people to make the wish come true? For Tumblr user thatsmoderatelyraven, a.k.a. Peyton, that desire came in the form of a cute, fluffy chicken.

How Will Social TV Change Over the Next 12 Months? (LostRemote)
Social Media Week is upon us again, and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating in “Social TV: The next 12 months” hosted by Digitas. “From record engagement to major brand campaigns to multi-million dollar acquisitions, there’s no question that the intersection of television and social media has carved out a place in popular culture,” reads the panel description. Here’s a sneak peak from the other panelists and our moderator on what you’ll learn via Vines and short video.