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Brazilian Judge Orders Arrest of Google Executive Over YouTube Videos (The Daily Dot)
A judge in Brazil has ordered the arrest of a Google executive after the company refused to remove two YouTube videos last week allegedly slandering a mayoral candidate in the city of Campo Grande. Judge Flavio Peren placed the order on Fabio Jose Silva Coehlo, Google’s president of operations in Brazil. AP The videos on YouTube make incendiary comments about an alleged paternity suit aimed at Alcides Bernal, who is running for mayor of the city of Campo Grande. Google said in a Tuesday statement that it rejected the decision by Peren, which included an order for a statewide, 24-hour suspension of Google and YouTube. The Financial Times The order, which Google is appealing, is the second time this month that an electoral court in Brazil has tried to arrest a top executive at the company for failing to delete YouTube videos attacking a mayoral candidate. While Google frequently faces challenges worldwide over videos or images uploaded to its websites, especially in the Middle East, Brazil is among the top sources of requests for content removal. Reuters In the second half of last year, Google removed four Orkut social network profiles after an electoral court order, the company said on a portion of its website called the Transparency Report. The Verge The controversy over these ads echoes that over the trailer for “Innocence of Muslims,” an anti-Islam piece that has sparked protests worldwide. If popular outcry exists in this case, it’s much more muted, and the video below has gotten only about 8,000 views since late August.

Facebook Releases New Software Development Kit to Support IOS 6 (AllFacebook)
Facebook released its new software development kit with support for the social network’s integration into Apple’s iOS 6, Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS. The social network said in a post on its developer blog that Facebook’s integration in iOS 6 is complementary to the new software development kit, including native Facebook login and native sheet for posting content to Facebook. The Wall Street Journal Facebook’s botched initial public offering is turning into a potential legal morass for the social-networking firm, its investment bankers and the exchange on which it went public. About 50 lawsuits have been filed against Facebook, Nasdaq OMX Group and underwriters of Facebook’s IPO in May, according to lawyers involved in the cases. AP Pittsburgh police plan to train their officers to be fluent in social media, joining other departments nationwide, days after a man armed with a hammer and kitchen knife used a hostage’s computer to post Facebook messages lamenting his troubles. The case of Klein Michael Thaxton, who is accused of picking a hostage at random in a downtown office tower and then kept authorities at bay for hours before surrendering and releasing the hostage, was a first for the Pittsburgh department.

Twitter Thinks it May Know Your Friends (Mashable)
Love the “People You May Know” feature on LinkedIn? Then you may be happy to learn that Twitter is essentially copying the feature. Instead of a widget, though, Twitter will suggest potential contacts via a weekly email.

Foursquare Adds ‘Always on” Notification to Help You Track (or Stalk) Your Friends (VentureBeat)
Check-in and city exploration app Foursquare is making it even easier to be always in the know when your friends flit about the world — because, of course, it’s not creepy at all to keep super close tabs on your friends. The places-centric social network Tuesday introduced a notifications option called “Always On.”

Instagram Updates for iPhone 5 and Ditches Live Filtering (CNET)
With the debut of Apple’s iPhone 5 and its new bigger four-inch screen, developers had to madly rush to redesign their apps to fit the device. Instagram announced Tuesday that its app is now ready for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Twitter’s Dream Metric is Not Followers – It’s How Many People Saw Your Tweet, Says Co-Founder (AllTwitter)
Twitter co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams suggests that retweets might actually be the superior metric over follower count. Williams also offered some clues as to why Twitter has been so aggressively closing doors on former partners of late, because with greater control over clients and apps Twitter could “measure whether or not a tweet was requested in a timeline.”

RIM Shows Off New BlackBerry 10 Phones, but Gives No Firm Release Date (The New York Times/Bits Blog)
Research in Motion said on Tuesday that its coming line of BlackBerry 10 phones would include the company’s popular BlackBerry Messenger service, a feature still absent on its tablet computers. But during his presentation to software developers in San Jose, Calif., Thorsten Heins, the president and chief executive of RIM, still did not offer a specific date for what he called “our most important launch ever.”

Create and Track Pinterest Campaigns Using Pinerly (SocialTimes)
Love Pinterest but skeptical of the traffic it may or may not be sending to you site? Eager to obtain a suite of tools to help you post and measure your visual content onto Pinterest? Well, the folks at Pinerly have just the thing for you.

Following Big Mobile Redesign, StumbleUpon Brings New Pinterest-Like Look to the Web (TechCrunch)
The company has unveiled “a re-imagined in beta,” which brings the new design and user experience of its iOS apps to the Web. The redesign intends to make it easier for users to see what people are stumbling, liking and sharing, with a new feature called “Activity.”