Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Video Ads | Tweeting Mom’s Death

Report: Facebook Preparing to Launch TV-Style Video Ads for $1 million and Up (LostRemote) Facebook has stepped up its social TV efforts over the last few weeks, and now there’s growing evidence the company is planning a video ad product aimed at capturing TV dollars. Bloomberg reports that Facebook will roll out 15-second video ads priced between $1 million and 2.5 million sometime later this year.

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FacebookReport: Facebook Preparing to Launch TV-Style Video Ads for $1 Million and Up (LostRemote)
Facebook has stepped up its social TV efforts over the last few weeks, and now there’s growing evidence the company is planning a video ad product aimed at capturing TV dollars. Bloomberg reports that Facebook will roll out 15-second video ads priced between $1 million and $2.5 million sometime later this year. The Next Web Assuming the $2.5 million per day price is accurate, the new ads would create an immediate boost for Facebook’s bottom line. Considering that the company brought in $1.81 billion in revenue during the second quarter, a quarter worth of commercials at the highest price could hypothetically drive over 12 percent growth by adding as much as $225 million in revenue. Bloomberg The move would follow efforts by Facebook’s online rivals to capture ad dollars that have traditionally gone to TV networks. Google began funding original content channels on its YouTube video-sharing site in recent years, giving it a more curated venue for commercials. A year ago, AOL started HuffPost Live, a CNN-like video stream running five days a week. AllFacebook Reports on the often-delayed advertising offering first surfaced last December, when Ad Age said it would debut by “April at the latest.” The magazine cited June or July as the launch date and provided many of the same details Bloomberg’s sources offered. Inside Facebook In related news, Facebook is a growing force on mobile — and it has nothing to do with Facebook Home, iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. More than 100 million people check Facebook using the feature phone application Facebook for Every Phone, and this is largely responsible for the company’s popularity in emerging markets.

Scott Simon on Sharing His Mother’s Final Moments on Twitter (NPR/All Tech Considered)
If you are among NPR host Scott Simon’s 1.3 million Twitter followers, you likely know the news that Simon’s mother, Patricia Lyons Simon Newman, entered a Chicago hospital on July 21 and died Monday night. Over the weekend, when it became apparent she would not be leaving the ICU, Simon began tweeting of sitting — and sleeping — at his mother’s bedside, and how he and Newman spent those final hours together. Today Simon’s tweets were at times humorous, melancholy and always a reflection of his love for his 84-year-old mother. Simon commented on his mother’s caring nurses, the songs she liked to sing, lessons she wanted to pass on and much more. SocialTimes Some people thought the live-tweeting was “brave,” and his tweets garnered retweets by celebrities, which is how stuff actually “goes viral” on the Internet. Just because the celebrities are sharing stuff and the media is saying what Scott did was “brave” doesn’t make it so.

Pinterest Adds Animated Pinning Shortcut to iOS App (CNET)
Pinterest updated its iPhone and iPad applications Tuesday with a handy shortcut to help people pin, like and share faster as they browse the inspirational social network from their mobile devices. Now when perusing the home feed or boards, people can press and hold a pin to view a special menu for instant interaction.

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FEMA’s Latest Android Update Adds Social Crowdsourcing to Disaster Reporting (AppNewser)
FEMA’s latest app feature came out in its Android update this week – a social tool for disaster efforts that allows anyone to upload geotagged photos of ongoing disasters. In addition to location-specific images, users can also add a small description of the images prior to submission.

Outraged Farmers Take to Twitter with Anti-Panera #PluckEZChicken Campaign (AllTwitter)
In response to Panera Bread’s “EZ Chicken” Twitter campaign, which it was using to promote its antibiotic-free chicken, up-in-arms farmers have launched a Twitter counter-campaign using the hashtag #PluckEZChicken. Here’s what’s going on.

Maps with Friends: CityMaps’ iOS App Adds Social, Personalization to Navigation (GigaOM)
Launched a year ago in just five cities, CityMaps has gone global. The company has released an updated social mapping and navigation app that can be used anywhere in the world.

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BeRecruited, a Networking Site for High School Athletes, is the Top Pick for Elite Training Camp (TechCrunch)
BeRecruited, the LinkedIn of college athletic recruiting, has become the official recruiting provider for IMG Academy, a training center and school in Florida that has turned out athletes like Maria Sharapova and Eli Manning. After 15 months of development, the site is also launching its newly revamped website.

Again, Federal Court Finds Cops Don’t Need a Warrant for Cell-Phone Location Data (ars technica)
In a new 2-1 decision published Tuesday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has held that law enforcement does not need a warrant to obtain cell-site location information from a mobile phone, falling in line with other recent high-level federal court decisions. In July, however, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled unanimously that cops do not have this right (at least in the Garden State), setting up a situation where the Supreme Court could rule to settle the debate once and for all.

Bitly Poaches New CEO from AOL’s Struggling Local News Network Patch (The Verge)
Tuesday, Bitly announced it has hired a new CEO, Mark Josephson, formerly a top executive at AOL’s lagging local news network Patch. Josephson said in a statement on the Bitly blog that he joined Bitly because it “is positioned to add significant value — in the form of intelligence on top of its unique data set — to consumers, marketers and publishers.”

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