Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Programming Language | Turkey Bans Twitter

Facebook develops open-source programming language. Turkey bans Twitter, social networks finds workaround. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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NewFacebookLogoHack: Facebook Open-Sources Programming Language (AllFacebook)
The word “hack” is an integral part of Facebook’s culture, so it should come as little surprise that a programming language it developed for HHVM that integrates seamlessly with PHP, which it announced the open-sourcing of Thursday, is called Hack. The social network said in a post on its engineering blog that it migrated its entire PHP code base to Hack over the past year, adding that the programming language “resolves the fast development cycle of PHP with the discipline provided by static typing,” while adding features from other, modern programming languages. Wired “We can say with complete assurance that this has been as battle-tested as it can possibly be,” said Facebook engineer Bryan O’Sullivan, a veteran of iconic tech companies Sun Microsystems and Linden Lab, who has long played an important role in a popular language called Haskell. O’Sullivan and the company publicly revealed their new language Thursday morning, and at the same time, they “open sourced” it, sharing the technology with the world at large and encouraging others not only to use it, but to help improve it. Forbes The idea of Hack is to combine the more static style languages such as C, with more dynamic languages like PHP. The difference being that static languages incorporate error checking within the coding process whereas more modern languages allow developers to code with bugs, and to test upon running. PCWorld Certain deprecated PHP features, however, are not supported in Hack, and neither are a handful of features that don’t work well with static typing. Hack also comes with a number of additions not found in PHP. One is Collections, a way to create arrays with more nuance than the array function offered by PHP itself, O’Sullivan said. PC Magazine Next month, the team will introduce the language at the Hack Developer Day on the Facebook campus in Menlo Park; “We would love to have your feedback on our work so far, and welcome you all to participate in the HHVM and Hack community.”

Reportedly Banned in Turkey, Twitter Offers SMS Workaround (VentureBeat)
Twitter has been banned entirely in Turkey, according to a report from Istanbul-based media outlet Today’s Zaman. In response, Twitter’s official policy account offered Turkish users a workaround: SMS.

Five Tips to Creating Successful Vine Videos [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
Five tweets per second contain a Vine link. This infographic by The 7th Chamber highlights the industries and organizations using Vine and how they are leveraging the six-second video sharing platform.

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Gmail: Encryption is Now Mandatory (CNET)
Google has removed your ability to get out of encrypting your Gmail, the company announced Thursday. This follows a 2010 decision to make HTTPS the default for Gmail communications, but up until Thursday Google had given users the ability to not use encryption.

Infographic: March Madness Viewing Expected to Be Way Up This Year (LostRemote)
Peel – the social TV company whose “app turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote, content recommender, and reminder platform” – just released some interesting data from a survey it conducted of 1,500 users about how much of this year’s NCAA Tournament they intend to watch. Thirty-five percent of fans say they will devote two or more hours a day at work to tournament-related activities (watching games, checking scores, etc.)

Twitter Wants to Help You Celebrate its Eighth Birthday By Rediscovering Your Very First Tweet (The Next Web)
As Twitter gears up to celebrate turning eight-years-old, the social networking giant now wants to help you easily find your first ever tweet. Using this little tool, not only can you rediscover your own first tweet, however, you can also enter any username to see their first ever musing on the platform … including celebrities, politicians and all the rest.

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After Yahoo Integration, Yelp Signs Another Deal with YP (re/code)
Yelp has penned another strategic deal to improve its content, this time with Atlanta-based local advertising platform YP. The San Francisco recommendations service will have the local business listings from YP integrated with its content.

Social Media: How to Find Your Brand’s Voice (SocialTimes)
Influencing and persuading an audience requires connecting with them emotionally, but most of today’s content marketing is simply brand advertising in disguise. Tapping into brand voice, and using it consistently, lets organizations build trust and emotional connection, increase social follows and stand out among same-category competitors.

Netflix CEO Slams Web Companies Over Net Neutrality (The Huffington Post)
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings gave Internet Service Providers a strongly worded piece of his mind over net neutrality in a blog post on the company’s website on Thursday. In a post titled “Internet Tolls And The Case For Strong Net Neutrality,” Hastings laid out why cable giants should be doing more to strengthen net neutrality and “protect our consumer experience.”

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