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Facebook For iOS App is Now 2X Faster: Quicker Launch, Photos, Feed and Built-In Messenger (TechCrunch)
Version 5 of Facebook’s iOS app is two times faster and built on Objective-C, not HTML5. The navigation is mostly the same, but the new app launches, photos load and the feed shows new stories twice as quickly. The New York Times/Bits Blog The other changes are subtle but significant. The code from Facebook’s standalone Camera and Messenger apps has been tucked into the Facebook app, replacing the older photo and messaging tools. That makes these tools look and act a bit different, but most importantly, messaging and posting photos are much zippier. ars technica Facebook’s previous app — particularly the version just before this, 4.1.1 — did not have a good reputation. Ratings on the App Store hovered around the two-star mark, and on any given day, a search on either Facebook or Twitter would yield hundreds of complaints about the mobile app’s slowness or bugginess. PC Magazine The Facebook Android app also got an update Thursday, but with different features. According to Google Play, the Android app now lets users: easily create events, share photos faster with a new upload flow, and add photos and emoji to messages. The Washington Post Here are some key developments in the eight years since Facebook’s creation.

Reddit Leaders Campaign for Open Internet (The Daily Dot)
Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and general manager Erik Martin announced Thursday that they plan a 10-day bus tour of middle America, from Denver, Colo., to Danville, Ky., the respective host cities of the presidential and vice presidential debates. Along the way, they plan to highlight how the Internet’s made big impacts in their lives. Adweek Other initiatives will focus on encouraging engineers and programmers to run for local and state offices across the country as well as adding signatures to a large parchment declaration of Internet freedom. The trip will be a grand experiment for the site, which conducts regional meetups, but never anything on this kind of scale. The Washington Post “We want to find the top Etsy seller in Kansas or the farmers who are using their smartphones to check the crop reports,” said Ohanian. “The tech sector has done a great job telling this story from the coasts, but these will show the true impact the Internet will have on American politics.”

Twitter Developers Send Inquiries to the Federal Trade Commission Over Possible Anti-Trust Issues (The Next Web)
If you haven’t had your head in the sand over the past few weeks, you’ll know that people aren’t very happy with Twitter. This includes third-party developers, which have begun reaching out to the Federal Trade Commission urging them to look into recent restrictions put on them by the service.

Cutest Social Media Campaign of the Year? Get a Heinz Bean with Your Name on it (Ad Age)
We Are Social, a United Kingdom-headquartered social media shop, has come up with some very clever ways for consumers to get excited about Heinz, like this new campaign, which promises fans a unique prize– adorable little beans engraved with their names. The Facebook contest includes a “Bean Personality” quiz that helps fans determine whether they’re a Pinto or a Borlotti, or if they lean more toward the Red Kidney, Borlotti or Cannellini varieties.

Current TV’s Convention Coverage Has Heavy Emphasis on Twitter (TVNewser)
Current will be dedicating half of the real estate on its screen to a live stream of tweets, featuring various groups, including “Team Obama,” “Team Romney,” “Tea Party Voters” and even “Mainstream Media,” which includes tweets from competitors on cable news. Current TV’s president said the trick was figuring out the format, from the colors and fonts used, to the speed at which tweets flow.

Obama Becomes First Candidate to Accept Text Message Donations (Mashable)
Barack Obama’s re-election campaign became the first presidential campaign in history to accept money via text messages, the campaign announced Thursday. Obama supporters on most major cellular networks can now donate up to $50 each billing cycle by texting “GIVE” to 62262.

YouTube Now Lets You Create Interstitials to Turn Playlists into Full-Blown Shows (SocialTimes)
YouTube playlists are a great way to compile similar videos into one easy-to-view place so your subscribers and viewers can discover more of your great content and you can give your videos more exposure. Thursday, YouTube announced a new feature that makes playlists even better — they’re giving creators an easy way to create interstitials (i.e. intros and outros between videos) to make playlists flow and become even more engaging.

Amazon Announces Sept. 6 Press Conference; Mum on Details (AllThingsD)
Amazon has sent invitations to the media for a Sept. 6 press conference in Santa Monica, Calif., just days before Apple is expected to host its event, where it historically has announced a new iPhone. Mostly, people think it will be a device with a larger screen.

INFOGRAPHIC: Back to School Often Means Back to Facebook Cyber-Bullying (AllFacebook)
The words “back to school” make some kids even more unhappy than others, as returning to the classroom often coincides with returning to being the victim of bullying, and a recent study by McAfee found that Facebook is the most prominent vehicle of the cyber form of such behavior. According to McAfee’s 2012 Teen Internet Behavior Study, 92.6 percent of teens surveyed said they have witnessed cyber-bullying on Facebook, far outpacing other social networks.