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Facebook Rolls Out Redesigned Events; Users Can Choose Calendar Or List Format (AllFacebook)
Facebook’s overhaul of its events feature took a big step forward Wednesday, enabling users to view their events in either a calendar or list format, with the changes originating from one of the social network’s hackathon events. Wednesday’s introduction of the calendar and list formats followed Facebook’s moves in June to allow users to export events to users’ calendars and introduction of a revamped gear menu, as well as a test by the social network, also in June, of notifications alerting event organizers when their invites were declined. VentureBeat The new and improved Facebook Events with calendar and list view comes with a few niceties. Facebook members can respond to invites and leave birthday messages without leaving the Events page. Posts, photos, and videos are a part of the experience as well. Mashable Calendar view is gradually rolling out to all Facebook users. You can check it out by going to your Events page on Facebook and then clicking the “Calendar” tab on the top left side of the screen. TechCrunch Facebook Wednesday announced a brand-new version of its Facebook SDK for iOS, offering a ton of new features and perhaps most notably, support for iOS 6. The company is also introducing another major resource for its developer community: the launch of a new iOS Dev Center, where it’s centralizing access to developer tools and resources. WebProNews Facebook has announced an update to Facebook Groups that displays exactly who has seen each post or comment on a post – complete with their name and the time at which they saw it. Good idea or creepy? Reuters A judge recused herself from overseeing a privacy lawsuit against Facebook over the social networking service’s “Sponsored Stories” feature, one day before she was set to hold a hearing on a proposed settlement. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, Calif., federal court did not provide a reason for the recusal in a brief order on Wednesday.

How to View the First Tweets From 2006 (AllTwitter)
Have you ever wondered what the first year on Twitter looked like? Well, now you can see for yourself using Oldtweets. The Verge Oldtweets consists of a search box that limits you to seeing tweets with an ID from the first year (for the curious, that’s apparently a range from 1 to 20 million.) You can limit the tweets by account, but it’s more fun to enter a term and let the gestalt of fledgling Twitter wash over you. Gizmodo Looking back how we tweeted that fateful first year of Twitter in 2006, it’s probably better that none of us remember it. Just check out how awful everyone was at it.

Reddit Unlocks the Secret of Cryptic Subway Code (Mashable)
Reddit user delverofsecrets posted photos of a cryptic note that he or she obtained from a “homeless looking man” on the 1 train in New York City. The user asked Reddit for help in identifying what the characters might mean, and the post quickly shot to the top of the front page as Redditors discussed and looked for clues.

Kiss Annoying YouTube Comments Goodbye With the Herp Derp Browser Extension (SocialTimes)
It’s the general consensus that YouTube comments stink but, thanks to this fun browser extension, you never have to look at them again. The Herp Derp extension from Tanner Stokes translates your YouTube comments into “herp derp,” the silly language of stupidity, which is less distracting though probably still on par intelligence-wise with the comments that currently populate the video site.

Formspring Hacked, Over 420 Thousand Passwords Leaked (AP)
Social networking site Formspring said Tuesday that it was disabling nearly 30 million registered users’ passwords after hundreds of thousands of them were leaked to the Web in their encrypted form. Formspring said in a blog post that the breach happened after someone hacked into one of the San Francisco, Calif.-based company’s servers.

Internet Cat Video Film Festival debuts Aug. 30 (The Daily Dot)
Crazy cat people of the Internet finally have a safe place where they can talk about their favorite diabolical creatures. The Internet Cat Video Film Festival will make its debut Aug. 30 in Minneapolis, Minn., allowing fans to collectively watch cats play the piano, jump off couches and be general jerks to other animals.

Top CEOs Aren’t Using Social Media, Study Says — Should They Be? (AllThingsD)
It’s a quandary that many companies are struggling to figure out: With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, what stance do you take on corporate social media policies? Do you adopt these relatively new platforms wholeheartedly, or shy away? The top brass at most Fortune 500 companies are opting for the latter.

Ad Students, it’s Time to Get Those Much-Needed LinkedIn References (AgencySpy)
Many recent graduates are struggling to build up the Recommendations section of their LinkedIn profiles because they don’t have real-world experience. However, one young ad student copywriter has made a dummy LinkedIn account so he can recommend himself and his friends at The Creative Circus.

Tweetbot’s New Mac Client Gets Buzz as Twitter Crackdown Looms (GigaOM)
Tapbots, maker of the popular Tweetbot iPhone Twitter client, announced in a blog post Wednesday that it has finished the early stages of development on a Mac version of the application, an exciting development for fans of the product. But the news arrives weeks after Twitter announced plans to restrict third-party uses of its API and encourage Twitter users to use Twitter products.