The #1 Fantasy Football Player Most Discussed On Social Media For 2013

Brandwatch analyzed a data set of more than 130,000 public mentions on social media in the U.S. to determine what fantasy football fans are saying about their favorite players on Twitter, Facebook, sports forums, and major fantasy football networks.

The results, below.


Adrian Peterson is the #1 most-discussed player for 2013.

– More than half of all social media conversation about fantasy football positions refers to running backs

– Most fans on social media seem to trust the official NFL top players of 2013 ranking rather than independent commentators on fantasy football

More than 61% of all public fantasy football conversation Brandwatch captured in the analysis took place on Twitter; 18% of discussion took place on Facebook, 1% on Google+, and 1% on YouTube

– Despite being ranked just 173th in ESPN’s top 300 players ranking, tight end Jordan Cameron is the most frequently discussed player in social media conversations about sleepers

The Top 10 talked-about fantasy football players on social media:

(Source: Brandwatch. Football player image via Shutterstock.)

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