How Social has Changed Customer Relationship Management [Infographic]

The influence of social on CRM has made the process more collaborative and nimble.

customer relationship management

Recently on SocialTimes, CEO of Commence Corporation Larry Caretsky shared his tips on how companies can incorporate social media into their customer relationship management (CRM). An infographic by Fanhub, a CRM platform developer, takes a look at the influence of social and why companies should budget appropriately for it.

Thanks to the influence of social, CRM is now conversation-driven, rather than sales-driven. A majority of social networking users are interacting with brands online. Those users expect fast response times and useful news and information (not promotions). Sixty-six percent of social media users expect a same-day response, and 25 percent expect a response within one hour.

The good part about all of this? Social CRM allows for more collaboration and a quicker resolution time compared to traditional models. Check out the infographic below:


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