The Top Marketing Strategies Used By Social Media Pros [STUDY]

U.S. social media advertising spend is expected to grow 31.6 percent in 2013, reaching $4.2 billion by year-end, predicts eMarketer, and a new study has revealed some of the tactics used by marketing professionals.

Forrester Consulting surveyed U.S. advertisers and found that more than seven in ten (73 percent) cited the use of branded pages on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as their primary social marketing tactic, ahead of buying ads on social networks (56 percent), micro-blogging (52 percent) and paying to promote content (51 percent).

Check the image below for all the specifics:

Forrester also tracked the strategies used by these ad pros in their campaigns – 60 percent rotate through multiple creatives, 35 percent target multiple niche audiences and 35 percent split A/B testing.

This is interesting data but a little confusing. In their study Forrester surveyed U.S. companies that spend $100,000 or more each year on social media ads, but only 56 percent said that they bought ads on social networks.

How does that make sense? Where else are they buying them – from some bloke at the pub? No wonder their ROI is so disappointing.

(Source: eMarketer. Social marketing image via Shutterstock.)