How Do Social Networks Compare To The Global Economy? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pound-for-pound, how do social networks compare to the economies of countries around the world?

Well, Facebook has more than one billion registered users, which is not far off the population of India. Facebook’s revenues are roughly on a par with the GDP of Guinea, and its revenue per employee is comparable to the per capita GDP of Kuwait.

Twitter’s half billion registered profiles lines up nicely with the populations of Brazil, Nigeria and Mexico combined, LinkedIn’s revenues put it up there with Turks and Caicos and as for Pinterest, Instagram and Google+? Well, they’ve yet to report any actual income whatsoever, which puts them on a comparably lower GDP than the worst performing country in the world. Still, chin up, eh?

This infographic from Bixa Media looks at how the top social networks compared to our global economy.

(Source: Bixa Media.)

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